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How does LDS interpret Colossians 1:16?

From this answer I gather that LDS teaches that all beings are eternal and that by eternal it is not meant existing timelessly beginning at some point but, rather, not actually having any starting ...
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Are any of the LDS gods without beginning or end, or are they all created at a certain point in time?

I say ‘gods’ because of the LDS doctrine of the plurality of gods. They believe in more than one God. I’ve now become confused with an LDS answer to this recent question, asking how the LDS view of ‘...
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Will Lucifer be burn for whole eternity? [closed]

Non-regret sinners will spend a whole eternity in hell. Will Lucifer get the same destiny as well?
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Did the early church believe that the damned would be eternally punished in a literal hell of fire?

I recently asked a question on the hermeneutics site with the intention of letting people share their exegetical takes on the words of Jesus found in Mark 9:47-49, where he said: 47 And if your eye ...
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What is the biblical basis for Jesus' eternal pre-existence (as opposed to having been created a long time ago)?

I know that many verses can be cited to argue for Jesus' pre-mortal existence (e.g. here). I'm also perfectly aware that a question asking for the biblical basis for Jesus being God incarnate has ...
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Can a heart beat in heaven acording to Catholics?

I have a question regarding the "properties" of heaven. As far as I understand heaven is place outside of space and time. I imagine it like this since it is the only way i can make sense of ...
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What does heaven look like for Protestant vs LDS? [closed]

What does heaven look like for Protestants and the LDS church? What will be our purpose in heaven and what do both faiths believe will be the reward for their work on Earth?
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In Catholic doctrine, is limbo eternal?

The Catholic Church professes a belief in the existence of limbo. Although the doctrine on this subject has not yet been defined, does the Catholic Church believe that it is eternal?
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Is there any Biblical reference strictly speaking about God being timeless?

I've heard a lot, mainly from apologists, the notion that God is Timeless (Little example). So, this is an assumption on the philosophical ground, but is there a theological ground for it? Any verse ...
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How do Catholics believe God is eternal if Jesus died on the cross? [duplicate]

The doctrine of the Trinity states that there are three Persons: God (the Father), Jesus (the Son), and the Holy Ghost. The Church also teaches that Jesus died for the sins of humanity. Jesus is 100% ...
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According to the penal substitutionary atonement view, why was Jesus' punishment not eternal?

Given Christianity believes that the "punishment for sin is death" (Rom. 6:23, etc.) and that punishment is eternal (2 Thes. 1:9, Matt. 25:41, Rev. 20:10, etc.), how was Christ's punishment a ...
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What is the Biblical basis for the idea that the 'quality of life' in hell is not the same for everyone?

What is the Biblical basis for believing that an existence in hell will be appreciably different in quality for each individual - i.e quality or grades of hell? Do proponents of this idea get support ...
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Eternity in Christianity [closed]

Is the claim of Jesus Christ based on an eternal moral order or on an individual interest in a parochial conflict that first arose at a historical time? The difficulty is understanding how an ...
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Is it impossible to think that after judgment day being thrown into hell and then not existing after that is way worse than being in hell? [duplicate]

I have always believed that if you go to hell your soul will be there for ever. After looking at all the versus talking about heaven and hell, is there any verse that clearly states your soul will ...
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When the Bible says "forever," how can we tell it really means forever? [closed]

For instance, it is clear that God wanted the Sabbath laws to continue forever, based on these passages: Wherefore the children of Israel shall keep the sabbath, to observe the sabbath throughout ...
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From where does the doctrine that there is no time in heaven originate?

I'm quite familiar with the fact that God himself is outside of time, this is very easy to show through scripture. However it seems to be an increasingly popular conception that there is no time in ...
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