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Limbo part of purgatory?

Did any theologians think that the limbo for children (limbus puerorum) is part of purgatory?
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What is the latest position of Catholic Church on the existence of Limbo?

Catholics traditionally believe that infants who die before being baptized, go to a place called Limbo. It is not understood whether the belief comes out of a dogmatic teaching of the Church. My ...
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(Catholic view) What was the scriptural basis for the existence of limbo?

Looking at this other question, limbo is an intermediary place for (some) souls to dwell in until they get to heaven. One of the answers to the question mentions two kinds of limbo: Limbo of hell ...
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From a Dogmatic Catholic perspective, what is the eternal destination of an unbaptized embryo?

This dogmatic statement from the Council of Trent makes it Crystal Clear that we inherit sin from Adam. If any one asserts, that the prevarication of Adam injured himself alone, and not his ...
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In Catholic doctrine, is limbo eternal?

The Catholic Church professes a belief in the existence of limbo. Although the doctrine on this subject has not yet been defined, does the Catholic Church believe that it is eternal?
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