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What scientific objections exist against theistic evolution?

There is already a question focused on biblical arguments, What are the Biblical and theological problems with theistic evolution?, but I found none focused on scientific reasons. According to ...
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Does human DNA have markers that Jesus is alive in us?

The author of the Voyager books, Ashayana Dean, offers a graph that is called Diamond Sun DNA 12 strand Celestial human silicate lineage related to that of Jesus. Can you tell me if modern day humans ...
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Conjoined twins and marriage and sex

Abigail Loraine Hensel and Brittany Lee Hensel (born March 7, 1990) are American conjoined twins. They key thing here is that they (are female and) have '1 set of reproductive organs' unlike females ...
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According to Creationists, what are the strongest arguments against abiogenesis?

From Abiogenesis - Wikipedia: In biology, abiogenesis (from a-‘not’ + Greek bios ‘life’ + genesis 'origin') or the origin of life is the natural process by which life has arisen from non-living ...
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Can a heart beat in heaven acording to Catholics?

I have a question regarding the "properties" of heaven. As far as I understand heaven is place outside of space and time. I imagine it like this since it is the only way i can make sense of ...
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If you believe that Messiah Jesus is a human being what logic you have to guess that he could be a God or son of God? [closed]

The Messiah Jesus is son of Maryam was a human being. He was born from a woman, he ate and drank, got up and went to sleep, suffered pain and wept… and God (Allaah) is far above all of that, Allah is ...
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Texts in Eastern services expressing ideas about the role of woman in child development

I have quite a specific question about the view of ancient Christians on the development of a child. I always assumed, that since the Ephesus Fathers considered being born of human woman as a ...
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Does Genesis 30:25-43 defy genetics?

Genesis 30:25-43 is the story about Jacob's flock increasing by making streaks on Laban's goats using wood branches, so that they mated in front of the branches. And they bore young that were ...
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Christian view on chimeras [closed]

Motivated by the question What are the theological implications/problems with theistic evolution?, consider that Jasher 4:18 seems to imply that there is something wrong with the mixing of animal ...
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What is the basis for Christian disapproval of creation of artificial life?

We can now design bacterial genome from scratch, as mentioned in this thread on, and this opens up new and exciting possibilities for solving many problems the humanity is facing today, ...
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Where did viruses come from, according to Young Earth Creationists?

Viruses are quite nasty germs. Whereas bacteria serve many useful purposes and we need them, I wonder what the purpose of viruses in God's creation could be. Does Young Earth Creationism address what ...
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