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Shortcut to Heaven?

No Most denominations do not believe that praying for the dead has any effect (see e.g. How do Lutherans pray for the dead?). Even Catholics, IIUC, would not say that postmortem prayers can change the ...
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Shortcut to Heaven?

Immediately suggests no. Unrepentant sinners prayers are of no merit. Being murdered is no guarantee of salvation since the murdered soul may have sins on their soul, from which they have not sought ...
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Are those who die without someone praying for their souls , compensated?

The Church offers Requiem Masses for all the souls of the faithful departed. Those on earth do not know with certainty whether one is in hell, purgatory, or heaven—unless the Church has canonized the ...
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According to Biblical Unitarians, what is the essential belief about Jesus in order to be saved?

I have debated trinitarians on youtube, facebook and Instragram. When I mention the absolute absence of the: 1.Deity of Jesus and 2.Any Mention of a "three persons in One God" in the book of ...
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