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Context matters anytime you read the Bible. This occurs just after GOD tells Moses that he's to tell the people of Israel not to behave like the Egyptians (where they were coming from ) nor like the Cannanites (the land they were going to ). They were to follow GOD's laws and his ordiances. In Egpypt, they really didn't have an temple prostitution when ...


Three problems with CCC 2291 you refer to: In the Latin official document, it says "stupfying medications," NOT "drugs" in the sense of all drugs other than alcohol or tobacco. Stupifying medications is an actual class of drugs including Opiates, Barbiturates, Ketamine, etc. and only overdose levels of some hallucinogens. That is a medical standard ...


As others correctly note, God knew in advance that Pharaoh would refuse the seemingly unimposing request that Moses presented to him; allow the people of Israel to journey three days into the wilderness to sacrifice to God. That Pharaoh refused is somewhat understandable. Like any tyrannical ruler he would assume that allowing an enslaved body of people to ...

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