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One sponsor/godparent is required. The other may be an "honorary" godparent of either gender. The parents do not need to tell the honorary godparent that they are honorary and not the recorded sponsor. A non-catholic christian can only be recorded as a christian witness. That is why one godparent must be a practicing catholic. (Canon 872-874, CCC 1255)


Being Orthodox, it is my understanding that to practice Orthodoxy it is best to speak to a priest in such a case; he may have to consult those above him with regards to your case. Your baptisms may need to be looked further into. If your Orthodox baptism is considered invalid you may be required to undergo chrismation; a Catholic baptism is not considered ...


I'll answer from the Catholic point of view, because I'm Catholic, but I think the Orthodox would agree (just interchange "Catholic" and "Orthodox" in the rest of this answer). Your first baptism is presumably valid (unless it was done in some weird way --- it's possible to mess up a baptism to the point of invalidity, but that very rarely happens). The ...

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