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Teshuva is performed in a pool, in addition to the ritual cleansing required for the various contaminations listed in Torah: contact with dead bodies, men with emissions of semen, menstruating women, etc. There is no teachings about teshuva in the Tanakh, and its observance would not have been possible in the wilderness. It was formed through tradition, and ...


I think the formal latest position is awaiting a declaration and is thus currently in limbo.


The belief in a place on the edge of hell goes back a long way. Dante depicted Limbo as the first circle of Hell (in his poem Inferno, from the Divine Comedy). Some years ago, there was a rumour that Limbo no longer existed and that the Catholic Church had dispensed with the teaching. However, these rumours were unfounded and it is also worth noting that ...


Such a baptism is valid, because only one (not missing) pouring is necessary for valid baptism. The liturgical rites prescribe the triple immersion/infusion/aspersion with water. This has some symbolic meanings, but the Church does not teach it is necessary for validity. The Catechism of the Catholic Church only says: 1278 The essential rite of Baptism ...

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