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The French philosopher Simone Weil wrote a letter circa 1940 in which "she spoke of her admiration for the Catharist movement and used the word adherence as opposed to curiosity" (Joseph Marie Perrin, O.P., Simone Weil As We Knew Her pt. 1, ch. 6, fn. 2).


There were basically two structural changes in the body of Christ from Christ's ascension to Nicea. They were similar in the sense of who asking who is in charge, but specifically, from how the church was at first organized locally after the Acts example of elders and deacons, yet while the church universal itself was organized as one faith, one baptism ...


Introduction The early church had a church polity that had evolved through several centuries from being apostolic to presbytery culminating to predominantly being mono-episcopate. FIRST CENTURY (1 to 100 A.D.) Apostolic The most ancient church leaders were the apostles. The preeminent of these was Peter, having been the first one to confess the true ...


"One should take long time to discern his religious vocation." From Fr. William Doyle, S.J.'s Vocations: 7. Deliberation It follows from what has been said that once the voice of God is recognized, that is when the thought of leaving the world has been more or less constantly before the mind for some time, and the souls realizes, even though she ...


A 2017 Christianity Today article about this very issue was written by Mark Galli shortly after his own Karl Barth biography was published. As curiousdannii suspected, he did use dialectical tension to justify it, part of the discussion by Christiane Tietz in Theology Today, of the personal letters Barth wrote to von Kirschbaum from 1925–1935. A lot more ...

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