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It appears that the answer to the question you actually asked is, "No, there are no churches today that maintain a Widow's List in accordance with I Timothy 5." Yes, there are all sorts of other programs but nothing like that described in I Timothy 5.


When I went to Israel a woman told me about this movement of the 100 year prayer. She then proceeded to tell me about the first wife of a leader of the movement, whose name I don't know. She supported what God did in people's hearts and thus many missionaries went out into all the world and impacted it. The first wife died and the leader took another one. ...


Other than the names already mentioned, the Early Church called itself Catholic. The first written evidence of it is in a letter from St Ignatius of Antioch at around 100 AD. It is assumed the name was popular from the beginning though. It was used to differentiate itself from the "ethnic" religion of Israel (Judaism), because catholic means universal in ...

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