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Also known as Pope Clement I. An apostolic father (d. AD 99) and author of at least one epistle. Not to be confused with Clement of Alexandria (AD 150–215) or numerous other church leaders.

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Why are Sts. Peter and Linus not on the cool scrollbar-of-the-popes on

I was about to add a glib comment in answer to another post in a act totally unbecoming of a stackexchange moderator, when I noticed that the effect would have been completely lost on the OP owing to ...
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What is the author's intention in 1st Clement 30:5?

I have researched various translations of 1 Clement 30:5 and would be thankful if anyone could expound what is meant by: Blessed is the offspring of a woman that liveth but a short time. Be not thou ...
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How would believers in Jesus' deity paraphrase 1 Clement 59:4, "Let all the Gentiles know that Thou art the God alone, and Jesus Christ is Thy Son"? [closed]

1 Clement is the only extant uncontested writing of Pope Clement I. It is generally dated to the 1st Century. Along with the Didache and Old Roman Creed, it is an early Christian 'dog that didn't bark'...
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Quote of Pope Clement I

On Catholic Answers' website on sola scriptura, they include a quote from Pope Clement I saying "Then the reverence of the law is chanted, and the grace of the prophets is known, and the faith ...
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What did Clement mean when he said: "Fasting is better than prayer, and charity than both"?

In his second letter to the Corinthians (16:3), the anonymous church father, believed to be Clement of Rome, wrote: "Fasting is better than prayer, and charity than both". What did he mean by that?...
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Was Martin Luther known to have read the First Epistle of Clement?

The First Epistle of Clement is an early Christian document that was commonly circulated in the early church before being rejected as part of the New Testament canon. There is a passage in it that ...
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Why were none of the Apostolic fathers' writings included in the last canon accepted in the Ecumenical Councils?

Why is it so that none of the Apostolic fathers' writings was included in the last canon accepted during the time of the Seven Ecumenical Councils? By the "last canon" I mean the one that we have ...
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