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Should Christians (Protestants) play God of War? [closed]

I was going to play through the God of War series, and as a Christian, violence and even gore doesn't really bother me, nor does magic stuff as long as it doesn't resemble anything real, like from the ...
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What is the oldest recorded filmed Catholic mass?

Where can I view the oldest filmed recording of a mass?
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Looking for orthodox movies about St. Francis and St. Clare

There are tons of movies about St. Francis and St. Clare, is there a complete list of movies that, I don't know, rank by historicity and orthodoxy? I've seen a few movies about them but can't ...
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Is it sinful to watch TV series The Young Pope? [closed]

Question: Is it sinful to watch TV series The Young Pope? Why? I did not watch the TV series, but from what I saw it seems morally corruptible. I am interested in an answer from a Catholic viewpoint.
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Are there any Christian sects that believe in "curative intercourse"?

A lot of episodes from the Law and Order franchise seem to draw inspiration from real life events, however, with a recent episode (Law & Order: SVU Season 18 Episode 19: Conversion), I'm wondering ...
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Why wouldn't a practicing Catholic joke about the Sacraments and what would happen if they did?

Stephen Colbert is a high profile entertainer and an out-an-proud Roman Catholic. As reported by the Daily Beast, prior to taking on his new role as host of the The Late Show, he sat down in an ...
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Can a practicing Catholic be an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church Monastery?

Stephen Colbert's wikipedia bio states: Colbert is a practicing Roman Catholic and a Sunday school teacher and an ordained minister with the Universal Life Church Monastery. These two (bolded) ...
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What specific good does Catholicism attribute to play and entertainment?

In cases where a leisure, entertainment, play activity is questioned for its morality, the moral analysis tends to hinge on at least one evil aspect of the activity—one that either glorifies an evil (...
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