Question: Is it sinful to watch TV series The Young Pope? Why? I did not watch the TV series, but from what I saw it seems morally corruptible. I am interested in an answer from a Catholic viewpoint.

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Is it sinful to watch TV series The Young Pope?


Go and ask your local pastor if one is in doubt.

With a lack of clear papal or Vatican condemnation on the subject of the tv series The Young Pope, each individual Catholic must follow the dictates of his or her conscience in regards to watching this series, aided with the council of a priest or pastor if necessary.

The series has received five-star reviews, in the USA and in the UK, and even the Catholic Herald raved about the “mordantly funny story-telling” – but how has this subversive and thought-provoking drama been received in Italy?

Unusually, for a Pope so brilliantly skilled in public relations, there has been no comment from Pope Francis, whose own gift for humility and skill at presentation – shunning the papal apartments for a basic hotel, driving a second-hand Volvo and washing the feet of the destitute – have won him millions of fans in spite of his ultra-conservative views on homosexuality.

From the Vatican itself, there has been a resounding silence. I wonder why? When the first episode aired on Italian television, it was a huge hit, and received the highest rating ever for the first episode of a Sky drama. The Young Pope might masquerade as a high-budget soap – but it tells us some uncomfortable truths about the hypocrisy at the top of the Catholic Church. - The Young Pope is a hit with Catholics – so why is the Vatican so silent about it?

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