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Celebrating Jesus' ministry after 2,000 years?

Celebrating Jesus' ministry after 2,000 years? Not expecting an answer immediately from any one denomination, but I would be more than curious to know if any Christian denomination(s) have started to ...
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Do Baptists Celebrate Ascension Day?

As a general rule, do Baptists mark Ascension Day? I'm think particularly of the Thursday, but if attention is typically drawn on a Sunday either side. Many countries have Ascension Day as a bank ...
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Given many questions as to whether Jesus was born on 25 December or not, I ask if the ambiguity in scripture is meant to teach us something?

Are we going all round the houses debating whether it was autumn, winter, or spring when Jesus was born, when it’s what the Bible does not say about the date of his birth that should speak volumes to ...
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What kind of five-star cross or order is worn by the priest in this Paris Notre Dame mass?

In the following YouTube video clip (Messe à Notre-Dame de Paris du 20 janvier 2019) in which it is clearly visible that the priest celebrating mass in the Paris Notre Dame is wearing some kind of ...
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Do Christians treat Friday as special?

Do Christians in general treat Friday as a special day, perhaps with a worship service, prayers or confession? Is it more or less special than Sunday? If most don't, are there some Christians who do ...
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As a non-Christian, how to have best Christmas Day experience in Rome?

I'll be visiting Italy during holidays and will be in Rome with my partner between 20 to 28th December. I'd have already visited monuments, Vatican City and several popular cathedrals. Being a non-...
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Are Catholics allowed to celebrate the Reformation?

This is going to be published in my local Catholic parish's bulletin this week. A SPECIAL EVENT: REFORMATION 500 COMMEMORATION Wednesday, April 26 @ 7:00pm In honor of the 500th Anniversary of the ...
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What is the earliest historical testimony of the celebration of the nativity of the Lord Jesus Christ?

What is the earliest historical testimony (e.g., in writing) of the celebration (i.e., a feast) of the nativity of the Lord Jesus Christ, whether it be on the equivalent of December 25, January 6, or ...
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How were the quarter-millennium anniversaries of the resurrection of Jesus commemorated?

I am wondering how the 2034 Easter celebration will look like from the perspective of various Christian churches. I am mostly interested in the Roman Catholics. Since we can only guess, I would like ...
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Is Christmas biblical? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Why is Christmas on December 25th? When did Christmas (the birth of Christ) first begin as a Christian celebration? On which date was Christ born? Also Related: Why do ...
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Why do some traditions *not* celebrate Christmas or Easter in any official fashion?

Following-up to these previous questions, why do some traditions not celebrate the birth and death (or, more accurately, His resurrection) of Christ as "official" church "events"? I understand that ...
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Does Christianity allow Christians to celebrate other holidays? [closed]

A quick search on Google will come up with several Christian holidays including: Valentine's Day Good Friday Thanksgiving Christmas However, in many multi-cultural countries, there are often ...
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