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Capital of Italy, center of the Roman Empire, and location of Vatican City

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Which kingdom is the fourth kingdom in Daniel 2? [closed]

I’m interested in the Christian viewpoint on Daniel 2? Which kingdom is the fourth kingdom represented by the iron legs of the image? Do Christians believe this is the Romans? I am assuming, correct ...
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Did ancient Roman Christians celebrate any Roman national holidays?

Did ancient Roman Christians celebrate any Roman national holidays? Or were all their national holidays festivities which honored pagan gods?
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Was Jesus a Zealot? What can we learn from Reza Aslan's account?

The Book Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth by Reza Aslan argues that Jesus was actually a Zealot, a Jewish revolutionary attempting to challenge Roman rule. Christians will ...
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Did the early church believe in the supremacy of Rome? [duplicate]

Did the early church fathers believe in the supremecy of rome and if so where is the evidance for this? Roman Catholics claim that the church of rome has supreme authority as it is the church of the ...
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Why is Rome referred to as Babylon in Rev 17 and 18?

At the time of Daniel, Rome was not yet powerful and known, but at the time of St. John at Patmos. So why it is referred to as Babylon by many Christians.
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Unique "traditional" souvenirs people may obtain from the pope or other Catholic prelates?

Unique "traditional" souvenirs people may obtain from the pope or other Catholic prelates? Believe it or not, there’s a way to get the pope to surrender his zucchetto to you, while in the presence of ...
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As a non-Christian, how to have best Christmas Day experience in Rome?

I'll be visiting Italy during holidays and will be in Rome with my partner between 20 to 28th December. I'd have already visited monuments, Vatican City and several popular cathedrals. Being a non-...
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How to ask a Catholic priest to bless something for someone else? [closed]

So, I am traveling abroad from my home country and will have the opportunity to visit some really cool, super old churches and cathedrals in Europe. I would like to bring a gift back home for a friend ...
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What is a priest of Rome?

While writing a paper for school, I looked back at this answer so I could use that passage as a reference. In doing so, I got a good look at the title of the book, which I never had before. It’s ...
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In a Catholic viewpoint, is it possible for Rome to fall?

I was wondering if the Roman Catholic Church is subject to complete institutional corruption, or total destruction, according to Catholic thought. Now this would not necessarily be the fall of the ...
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Were Christians in the Roman Empire known to rescue abandoned babies?

I've read in a Christian publication that one of the things that distinguished early Christian groups in the Roman empire was that they would rescue babies that had been abandoned by their parents. ...
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Was Catholicism chosen by the Roman Empire because of synergies to Roman hierarchy?

I was watching a documentary on the History Channel recently and they mentioned that when the Roman Empire converted to Christianity, they chose Catholicism because of its similarities to the ...
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Did the Apostle Paul actually go to Rome?

What is the biblical evidence that the Apostle Paul actually went to Rome?
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Which church traditions regard Constantine the Great as a Saint?

Constantine was the emperor of the Roman Empire who legalized Christianity and called the Counsel of Nicaea, among other thing. Which church traditions regard Constantine the Great as a Saint?
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Did the coins at the time of Jesus have distinct images and inscriptions?

At Matthew 22:18-21(NIV) we read: "... But Jesus, knowing their evil intent, said, “You hypocrites, why are you trying to trap me? Show me the coin used for paying the tax.” They brought him a ...
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What evidence is there that Peter was a bishop in Rome?

The Encyclopaedia Brittanica says The claims that the church of Rome was founded by Peter or that he served as its first bishop are in dispute and rest on evidence that is not earlier than the ...
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Did Martin Luther believe the Church needed to be reformed before the Great Schism of 1054AD, or after?

I think its safe to say that Martin Luther, being one of the fathers of Protestantism, was primarily at odds with the Roman Church. He posted his 95 theses to confront what he thought to be ...
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What is a historicist’s view of the seven seals in Revelation?

Historicism is a method of interpretation in Christian eschatology that associates biblical prophecies with actual historical events (which may also be symbolic of repeated occurrences). This means ...
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Why is Rome the holy city?

Why did Rome become the seat of the Pope and the central location for the Church? I would think that Jerusalem would be the first choice. There are also a number of other cities that I would ...
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Conversion of the Romans and the Bible's Portrayal of the Romans [closed]

I have trouble understanding how the Romans converted to Christianity. In the Bible, the Romans weren't portrayed very nicely. For example, Herod the Great did quite a lot of awful things. Jesus was ...
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