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Did the early church bow down to and venerate images/statues? [duplicate]

Catholic and Orthodox Christians believe in the veneration of images and states and bow down to them in order to show them veneration, but did the Early Church Fathers believe in venerating images and ...
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Did the early church allow statues and images in church?

Protestants are against having statues and images and often quote Exodus 20:4, but Catholics and Orthodox Christians have beautiful statues and images in their church, but did the Early Church Fathers ...
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What was the ante-Nicene Fathers' view on image veneration?

What was the ante-Nicene Fathers' view on image veneration and its use inside churches?
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Do Catholics violate Torah laws? [duplicate]

As is well-known, Judaism rejects all statues based on the Torah. The Presbyterian Church and Protestants reject making statutes but Roman Catholics made many statues of Jesus, Mary, Peter, and Paul. ...
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What are the origins of the Our Lady of Grace statues?

What is the original Our Lady of Grace statue? Is it associated with a particular Marian apparition? There are many coloration variations in these statues, so I show this monochrome garden statue as ...
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Why do Greek Orthodox venerate icons and Roman Catholic statues?

Historically how and why did this difference arise?
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Is there a dogmatic or theological (yet not dogmatic) justification for kneeling before a statue/icon of the Virgin Mary? [duplicate]

We Catholics keel when praying in front of an icon representing God (e.g. a statue of Jesus, or a crucifix as in some confessionals), or during an Eucharistic Adoration. However, some people also ...
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Are Roman Catholics required at any time to bow down to statues or images?

Are Roman Catholics required at any time to bow down or make obeisance to or kiss statues, images, icons, etc. (i.e., inanimate objects)? If so, is it considered a sin not to?
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