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The difference(s) between “The Way of the Cross” by St. Francis and by St. Alphonsus?

St. Francis wrote a “Way of the Cross” and several centuries later St. Alphonsus also wrote one. I have been reading both in parallel, and (in my personal opinion) they are both lovely. What would be ...
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1 vote
0 answers

Looking for orthodox movies about St. Francis and St. Clare

There are tons of movies about St. Francis and St. Clare, is there a complete list of movies that, I don't know, rank by historicity and orthodoxy? I've seen a few movies about them but can't ...
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Did St. Francis pray the Rosary?

My wife is dressing my son Francis up as... St. Francis for an All Saints party. I think the timeline is thus that St. Francis could have prayed the Rosary, but it was more of a Dominican thing to do....
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