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The difference(s) between “The Way of the Cross” by St. Francis and by St. Alphonsus?

St. Francis wrote a “Way of the Cross” and several centuries later St. Alphonsus also wrote one. I have been reading both in parallel, and (in my personal opinion) they are both lovely. What would be ...
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7 votes
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What is the basis for Catholics believing Jesus fell three times (or seven) on his journey to Calvary?

In reviewing the Stations of the Cross, I was surprised to learn that stations 3, 7, and 9—descriptions of three times Jesus fell under the weight of the cross he carried—are in fact not based on ...
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3 votes
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Do Any Protestant Churches do Stations of the Cross?

I was reading this question and wondering how Protestants, in general, would react to a Catholic Stations of the Cross service. I'm not sure of the history of the idea of the Stations of the Cross, ...
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Why are there fourteen stations of the cross?

So, I would have expected 12 stations of the cross. I mean, lets face it, a lot of things in the Bible happen in 12. 12 disciples, 12 tribes, etc... Seeing as the stations of the cross are not ...
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