The Russian Federation (along with some other Slavic nations), recently celebrated the 1,030th anniversary of the Christianization of the Rus', which included a liturgy at the monument to Vladimir the Great near the Kremlin.

In this video (time- 23:45), President Putin (followed by the Patriarch) is seen bending forward and touching/kissing some icon/relic encased in a gilded box.

What exactly is this gilded box (or the item contained within it)?

Granted, since this event is also a tribute to St.Vladimir, I guess this is some relic associated with him? (I'm not entirely sure though.)

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According to the news, https://foma.ru/na-1030-letie-kreshheniya-rusi-v-kremle-vpervyie-sovershili-liturgiyu-pod-otkryityim-nebom.html a shrine with the part of relics of St. Vladimir from the Christ the Savior church in Moscow was brought in before the Liturgy in Kremlin so I guess then it was carried to the monument of St. Vladimir where Putin venerated it.

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