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As opposed to pacifism, Just War Theory presupposes that while war is generally undesirable, there are circumstances that justify it. It is a concept that has been particularly addressed and developed by Christian Theologians such as St Augustine.

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Did any other church father other than St. Augustine believe in the just war theory?

St. Augustine is the most commonly known inventor of the just war theory, which is that war is sometimes justified if the outcome is peace, but did any other early church father other than St. ...
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What views are there on supplying weapons in a war?

In light of the conflict between Ukraine and the Russian Federation, a number of countries, including those with significant catholic and Protestant populations (as well as Christians in their ...
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How has war been justified within Christianity, with respect to the New Testament and preferably the Gospels? [closed]

Just really a question of curiosity on how the faith has, at times, turned down the wrong path of aggression and violence, specifically wondering what passages of the New Testament were used as ...
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What is an overview of Pentecostal views on killing in war?

I've often heard from skeptics of Christianity, "Look at the many atrocities done in the name of Jesus in places like the Crusades. How can you claim that Jesus is loving?" I know that these claims ...
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Is it justifiable to kill an innocent person with the following conditions?

I'm asking in the context of the Catholic Church's doctrines on just war and self-defense. Is it justifiable to kill an innocent person in order to prevent a greater evil, with no other practical ...
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Do any Christian versions of 'Just War Theory' address cases in which foes exploit the principles of Just War to their own advantage?

The ends justify the means. - attributed (perhaps unjustly) to Niccolo Machiavelli Christian proponents of Just War Theory would surely reject the quote above as being entirely antithetical to their ...
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What sort of Christians are proponents of just war?

Which sects of Christianity are support the idea of "Just War"? What are the arguments that they give that support this view? How do they see their views on this issue being related to the Bible?
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