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Pentecostalism is the branch of Christianity that places special emphasis on being filled with the Spirit or baptized in the Spirit. It includes classic Pentecostalism associated with the Asuza Street revival, the charismatic revival in the late 50's and onwards, "third wave"/"empowered evangelicals", indigenous "Spirit churches" south of the equator or in Latin America.

Pentecostalism as a global movement includes, but is not limited to, groups that teach speaking in tongues as initial evidence of spirit baptism. It puts emphasis on the role of Jesus Christ as:

  • Savior
  • Healer
  • Giver of the Spirit
  • Returning king

Pentecostalism includes a world view of active spiritual powers in the world today, i.e. angels and demons as well as the gifts (pneumatika/charismata) of the Spirit.

For further reading about pentecostalism, see:

  • Walter Hollenweger, Pentecostalism: Origins & Developments Worldwide.
  • Donald Dayton, Theological Roots of Pentecostalism
  • Allan H. Andersson, An Introduction to Pentecostalism: Global Charismatic Christianity (2004)