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Pentecostalism is the branch of Christianity that places special emphasis on being filled with the Spirit or baptized in the Spirit. It includes classic Pentecostalism associated with the Asuza Street revival, the charismatic revival in the late 50's and onwards, "third wave"/"empowered evangelicals", indigenous "Spirit churches" south of the equator or in Latin America.

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Are registers signed during a Convalidation ceremony

My husband is Roman Catholic and I m Pentecostal. We married under a lot of pressure with no family members present. After much strife our families have agreed We have been trying to book a notice of ...
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Do Pentecostals disagree with women preaching?

On whether or not women can be preachers, know several who disagree: Voddie Bauchman, John MacArthur, Norman Geisler, John Pipper, Albert Mohler, Yago Martins (from "Dois Dedos de Teologia"),...
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What is an overview of Pentecostal views on killing in war?

I've often heard from skeptics of Christianity, "Look at the many atrocities done in the name of Jesus in places like the Crusades. How can you claim that Jesus is loving?" I know that these claims ...
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Which versions of the Bible do contemporary British Pentecostal churches typically use?

I am writing a novel where one of the characters is a Black British Pentecostal Christian from London. In the interests of accuracy, I am trying to work out which version of the Bible he would be ...
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The pentecostal cult from Romania affiliation

Is the Pentecostal cult in Romania affiliated to any international Pentecostal association or organization or movement? If yes, then which one? Do they have a website?
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How do Word-of-Faith and Pentecostal churches interpret Romans 12 when Paul says to think "according to the measure of faith that God has assigned"

The little personal interaction I've had with Word-of-Faith and Pentecostal churches is that they believe that with enough faith God can and will do anything through you. Is my summary correct? If so, ...
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