Have any Unitarians experienced the presence of the Holy Spirit, possibly in a dramatic, life-changing way, and published a testimony in which they recount their experiences?

Note: this question has been inspired by this answer.

EDIT: after some searching I was only able to find this testimony which includes experiences with the Holy Spirit and Christadelphians (one of the largest Biblical Unitarian denominations). Unfortunately, it turned out to be a testimony from a former member, so it doesn't fit the bill. If anyone is able to find a testimony along these lines from an active member, that would be fantastic.

  • +1 Very interesting question. One thing to remember is that the HS is conceived of differently with Unitarians as opposed to Trinitarians. This page gives a decent overview of some relevant aspects of that. restitutio.org/2016/07/26/a-unitarian-view-of-the-holy-spirit Nov 23, 2021 at 19:00
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    In particular, "After consulting both Old and New Testaments, we discovered the holy spirit is a way of talking about God and Jesus in action, especially within the church. Although the spirit is not a person distinct from the Father and Son, it is certainly very personal." Nov 23, 2021 at 19:01
  • Similarly, you have Unitarians who talk about the HS as the "gift of God's presence or nature." Nov 23, 2021 at 19:02
  • I think it's fine if it's a former Christadelphian, as long as the experiences related to when he was a Christadelphian. Dec 1, 2021 at 21:40
  • It's not clear to me from reading that page whether he is a former Christadelphian but a Unitarian, or former for both. Also he doesn't seem to go into much detail regarding it there. Dec 1, 2021 at 21:46


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