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Retired engineer, teacher in electronics/sensors/microcontrollers/Power Electronics and applications. Don't speak very well english. Knowing well Arduino components and interfacing problems. Used intensively programs for Simulating Electronic Circuitry (CAD), Analog and/or Digital components or embedded systems, and mixed.
My reason for living: "Christian", i.e. "little Christ", observing the first commandment "adapted" by Jesus-Christ (born of a virgin, died for our sins, and resurrected for our justification)
for the human race: "YOU will love your NEIGHBOR as yourself".
Who is YOUR NEIGHBOR, Mr PUTIN? And the others commandments ... including the fifth: "YOU will not kill", without any exception, which I recall for all " "dictator-mafia" leaders of this planet, whose destructive effects we see as they make themselves "seen" by "crossing themselves" with a "sign of the cross".
In fact, you are not better than Cain who killed his brother, during the real First World War, out of jealousy AND because he had understood nothing of the designs of his Creator. And since you like "biblical" quotes...
He who does not love his human brother is a murderer.

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