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Jack of all Trades, Jack-@$$ of a few. I have been reported doing reporting in one form or another since last century. heh. And SQL. Lots of SQL. I'm big into BI, even for Small Data (tm).

Crystal Reports since Forever or so. Also Access, Excel, ETL -- if you count ETL as reporting. I do.

Most recent activity in Oracle, MS SQL, and Access. Back in the day, db4, FoxPro, PostgreS, Ingres, Paradox, flat files, and sticks and stones.

Hobbies are long walks on the beach, tuning db processes, chocolate malt milkshakes, making Cider (yet to be proven drinkable), and reporting. And coffee. Lots, and lots... of coffee. And all done in my little Aeropress... I've passed the 100k mile mark in AP shots.

Horoscope: I'm an Infomaniac.

I like cider, but haven't brewed a decent one yet. Lots of indecent ones. Favorite du jour -- Angry Orchard. Blue, and Green. Orange? Don't. Just... DON'T.

Foreign languages: French, SQL, PL/SQL, geek, and trivial knowledge.

I can tell at sight a Mauser rifle from a javelin.

I'm watching you, right now. (Look! BEHIND YOU!)

Other items: Theorhetically, the shorter you are, the more clearance you have. I'm not all THAT short, but secretly, I'm the Top! I'm the Tower of Pizza(z).

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