Web front end developer with very, very little iOS, Java, SQL, Docker and Kubernetes experience.

Loves plushie snakes (avatar is a picture of Twistable, one of my favorite IKEA plush snakes, drawn by yours truly).

Female and proud!

My short-term goals

  1. Read more source code and participate in open-source discussions.
  2. Gain enough knowledge and experience to form a well-informed opinion on front-end proposals and ideals.
  3. Contribute more to the StackExchange network. Write more, borrow less.

My long-term goals

  1. To still be able to code when I'm fifty and aging and NOT be useless.
  2. To teach others in the art and science of front-end construction. One day, one day. :)
  3. To liberate oneself from the market economy.

List of my IKEA plush snakes

  • Twisty (green)
  • Twister (green)
  • Twistable (green)
  • Ana (yellow)
  • Conda (red)
  • Python (python)