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I'm Gertjan, born 1986, living in The Netherlands, working in IT since 2005, but even before that I was very interested in computers, setting up stuff with Windows Servers, programming things in Basic/VB, fooling around with old hardware etc.

Nowadays I call myself a Solution Architect in IT infrastructure, with a focus on (Red Hat) Linux. I also have experience with Windows Server, networking (Cisco, NSX), VMware vSphere, generic network services like DNS, DHCP, NTP, FTP, SSH/SFTP, iSCSI, NFS; Work a bit with containerized solutions in Kubernetes, script things in Bash, PowerShell, Python. I work with Red Hat products like Satellite, OpenShift, Ansible, Clustering, automate with Puppet, have experience with monitoring tools like CheckMK, Nagios, Zabbix, worked with storage solutions NetApp and vSAN, do the occasional things in Azure, and keep an eye on overall IT security. I design and build IT (infra) solutions. And I'm sure I forget some things I did or do. I love to keep learning, as I'm very much aware that there is always more to learn in IT.

In my spare time I like to fool around with old IBM hardware (386/486/Pentium) from the DOS/Windows 3.x/Windows 95 era. I'm also experienced as a live sound technician, although that's getting a bit rusty.

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