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Why is Christianity considered a monotheistic religion?
27 votes

Christianity is monotheistic as its adherents believe in only one God. The first commandment speaks about the gods of other religions. Although Christians believe in only God, they do acknowledge ...

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Atheism is the default position. Isn't the burden of proof on the Christian to assert that God exists?
8 votes

Clearly Faith cannot be the default position if you ask whether God exists, because if your question is not rhetorical, but strives to be balanced, then you cannot start by assuming that God exists. ...

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How do we get morals?
4 votes

If you are asking how is morality defined, or "who decides what is moral and immoral?" then Christians believe that God decides that, and that He makes His will known to us through various means, like ...

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If God controls our decisions, does this mean we don't have free will?
1 votes

Free-will and choice are concepts that only make sense to us because we are bound to linear time and we travel time from past to future. There is nothing preventing a supernatural entity from seeing ...

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