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Why is Saint Paul considered gnostic? (by some)
6 votes

It seems as though many that assert the possibility are either looking at why the Gnostics believed that Paul was a member of such, as Pagels, they are not Christian, as Massey, or are either ...

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Where does the Bible support the idea of church budgets, for those traditions that think it does?
3 votes

Since of the Bible doesn't have a direct reference/listing of budgets, I believe the idea would come from teaching throughout. Everything from Joseph's wisdom Genesis 41:35-37 They should ...

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Do Jehovah's witnesses believe that Jesus appeared in the Old Testament?
3 votes

Jehovah's Witnesses believe that Jesus was the Archangel Michael before the incarnation so the answer would be that it would have been Michael (pre-incarnate Jesus). "Likewise, the Bible indicates ...

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Did the Herodian Temple have virgins?
2 votes

Outside of apocryphal/pseudo-apocryphal writings, No If at all the temple virgins or prostitutes would have come from the Greek/Macedonian influence and defilement of the temple. It was common for ...

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Worklabor during construction of Solomon's palace?
1 votes

I would say yes, from scripture alone I think we can deduce Solomon used both 'Israeli' and 'non-Israeli' workers as both forced labor (employees) and salves. As far as the Hebrew labor force I ...

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Where does the concept of "unconditional love toward others" come from?
0 votes

I would submit that the numerous times God forgave Israel, the love he expressed to David even after sinning, and ultimately the very fact that a plan of salvation was established from the very ...

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