James Wilkins

I'm an seasoned "jack of all trades": PC technician, Network admin, DBA, programmer (Assembly/C++/C#/VB/JavaScript/etc.), graphics artist/designer (2D and 3D), music composer (I'm also a musician who plays various instruments), part-time car mechanic, and more. Started programming since I was 8, and in my teens was developing C-64 apps in assembly. If you know what that means then you're probably close to my age lol. :P

I worked at the University Health Network (UHN) for over 7 years, where I help a team install new cabinets for their new fiber networks, and aided in application, database, server, and client PC support. I currently work as a technical specialist in another industry now.

I've done some part-time work on the IDE for Visual3D.net as well (I've worked on many game toolsets in the past) and created my own non-public scripting languages (for games and healthcare apps).

Current Projects:

  1. Google V8 engine C#/.NET wrapper: https://github.com/rjamesnw/v8dotnet
  2. FlowScript - A VPL IDE: https://github.com/rjamesnw/flowscript
  3. DS Studio - A rapid web-based NodeJS and TypeScript IDE: https://github.com/rjamesnw/DreamSpaceStudio

If you need to reach me, a link to my blog site is on the right side. I'm also a gamer and game developer. You can find me on Discord as "General Fault".

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