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What does Paul mean by "Love believes all things?"
5 votes

1 Corinthians 13 is one of those chapters that tends to be read at weddings and get taken out of context. Because of its association with weddings, many associate it with romantic love, and David ...

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What is the biblical basis for salvation by faith alone (sola fide)?
3 votes

I think it would also be helpful to say that 'salvation by faith' is not something that only Paul talks about. He maintained that this had its bases in Old Testament scripture too when he quoted ...

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Bland white rice and tea in Chinese-American Christian Churches
1 votes

I'm Chinese and am a Christian and I've attended many different churches and have not encountered what you described. I fairly convinced that the meal was more related to Chinese cultural practice and ...

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What is the significance of Noah, after the flood, getting drunk and cursing his son who saw him Naked?
0 votes

We can do worse than to refer to Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary on the latter half of this passage (though we will need to make some allowances for 17th century English) because I think he expands ...

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How is original sin transmitted?
0 votes

Let me just quote the comments from the Moore College course (Doctrine 2): We speak of 'original sin' in the sense that our sin arises from our origin in Adam. We are not saying that Adam was ...

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