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I'm a computer nerd, free software advocate (There is no operating system but GNU, and Linux is it's kernel) and of course, a Christian.

I came to my belief in God due to an overdose but didn't become a Christian until recently. In short I nearly snuffed it, saw an angel that wasn't a stereotype with bird wings, prayed for the first time realising I'd killed my mother's son and stopped parroting Dawkins and his ilk, thought I'd hallucinated then started to believe: (Damn you 3000 character limit!)

I felt more justified in believing what I'd seen when I told my doctor exactly what I'd taken and in what quantities because he eyes widened dramatically and her jaw actually dropped open involuntarily (I'd never actually seen that happen to someone before, I just thought it was an expression people used to mean surprise). A fair few of the 11 drugs I'd taken were at what I learned are called the LD50 or above (Lethal Dose for 50% of subjects given it).

After this I learned that there was a lot to doubt about mainstream science and its associated institutions and corporations, directly from doctors with their own personal experience no less and then later from reading studies on some of the problems that face us, here's some of what I learned:

There is incentive to fudge figures, tweak methods to show falsehoods and otherwise disguise the dead ends that so many doctoral and professorial students hit as they try to further the frontiers of knowledge in their field as part of their qualification. Those who come empty handed do not get the top jobs and neither do fudged studies get picked up on quickly, nor can it be proven that it wasn't an honest mistake and so there's no real comeback so that when they have gained their employment on the strength of their lies they are safe. The problem is not so much in them as in the institutions and companies that fail to see value in a dead end, and worse fail to see the competency in those unfortunate enough to explore their way in to one - they miss the point of science. And there are even more examples of patently false representations, recorded and documented evidence of corruption of my beloved science. So I knew then that I couldn't trust any source but God and myself, and even I make mistakes.

Thus I looked upon the world afresh, a reborn youth, and began my journey with God knowing that my hands would be safer perched upon unbreakable faith and hope rather than the frail support of a woodworm eaten walking stick.

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