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24 votes

How did all the animals fit into Noah's ark?

23 votes

Was the flood of Noah global or local?

18 votes

Are these Bible verses referencing UFOs?

16 votes

Who were Jannes and Jambres?

15 votes

Why did Luther curse those who oppose indulgences?

12 votes

How old is the idea of premillenial rapture?

10 votes

Where did Baptists get their name and what do they believe?

9 votes

Biblical basis for the separation of church and state

5 votes

Can an atheist go to heaven?

4 votes

In what order should the books of the (Protestant) Bible be read?

4 votes

Can I go to church on the internet?

4 votes

What happens to unborn, unbaptized babies who die?

4 votes

What does the Good News refer to?

3 votes

Into whose name should Christians be baptised?

3 votes

Under what conditions does the Bible support divorce?

3 votes

Why was Thomas More canonized?

2 votes

What is the biblical evidence for God's omnipotence and omniscience?

2 votes

Does Jude 1:9 mean that Moses went to hell?