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16 votes

What is the message of Matthew 9:5?

14 votes

What does the bible say about interracial marriages?

12 votes

How long did it take to form the Biblical canon?

11 votes

Do not Judge others, or do we Judge others?

10 votes

What is the biblical basis to claim that masturbation is a sin?

8 votes

Are some people created to go to Hell?

6 votes

What is God waiting for before He ends the world?

6 votes

Was Jesus finite or infinite? (human or God?)

5 votes

Where does prevenient grace originate in the Bible?

4 votes

What is the essence of sin?

3 votes

A "version" of the bible with sentence structure written in English but retaining most of the original untranslated "nouns/verbs/adjectives"?

2 votes

Is there any evidence that Jesus had no children?

1 vote

Do angels have free will?

0 votes

Does God create some people Heterosexual and others Homosexual?

-3 votes

Will suicide keep me out of Heaven?