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Did the disagreement between the Catholic Church and Protestant Church on the issue of salvation by grace alone end in 1999?

The Joint Declaration on Justification The document that bishop Palmer is likely referring to is the Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification, created in 1999 by the Lutheran World ...
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What Christian traditions reject Word of Faith teachings as heretical but still affirm the power of faith and its role in activating God's promises?

Answer: ALL Christian traditions, including non-Trinitarians movements such as Jehovah's Witnesses & Latter-day Saints! The key difficulty of your question is the ambiguity of meaning "power ...
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Does spiritual death mean loss of faith or doing a deadly sin (or sins) or separation from God?

Christian belief is that the presence of God brings life and joy. The closer you are to God, the more joyful you are, and the more "life" you have (life here not in the sense of mere existence, but in ...
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