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In Italy, it is tradition to be named after your grandparents. Firstborn children are named after their paternal grandparents and second-born children are named after their maternal grandparents. This is more of a cultural tradition than a religious tradition, and may be common in multiple European countries.


Why do they have same baptismal name? There is no biblical references for this custom within a family. It is simply a private tradition within some Catholic families. This seems to be the case of some family tradition, perhaps due to a particular devotion to a particular saint within a family. It may also be a family tradition of some saint related to the ...


The following article may be useful to you. This extract is about the Jewish Shabbat: Jewish law (halakha) prohibits doing any form of melakhah (מְלָאכָה, plural melakhoth) on Shabbat, unless an urgent human or medical need is life-threatening. Though melakhah is commonly translated as "work" in English, a better definition is "deliberate activity" or "...


Jewish traditions regarding the Sabbath at the time of Jesus? Then returned they unto Jerusalem from the mount called Olivet, which is from Jerusalem a sabbath day's journey. - Acts 1:12 KJV Josephus makes the Mount of Olives to be about six stadia from Jerusalem and it is thus the acceptable distance between these two places which in Acts 1:12 is given ...

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