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Unique Catholic Blessings of local Churches? La benedizione deglie serpe In Aragona in southern Sicily on June 29, the Feast of St. Paul, they used to have a blessing for snakes. This benediction is no longer in use, but it reflects devotion to St. Paul as he was bitten by a viper while at Malta. This ritual was done away with just a few years ago. If you ...


It looks like "Fig. 128. Mitre, XII Century" in Herbert Norris, Church Vestments: Their Origin and Development (1950), ch. 9 "The Mitre": ibid. "Fig. 133. Diagram of Triangular Mitre" and "Fig. 134. The Mitre more fully Developed" gives a pattern which could perhaps be adapted to a 12th cen. mitre:


The Latin of that passage from Dei Filius ch. 1 is: Hic solus verus Deus bonitate sua et ["]omnipotenti virtute["] non ad augendam suam beatitudinem, nec ad acquirendam, sed ad manifestandam perfectionem suam per bona, quæ creaturis impertitur, liberrimo consilio ["]simul ab initio temporis utramque de nihilo condidit creaturam, spiritualem ...


If we see the Latin text of Vatican I Dei Filius document, the reference is a little different: "Conc. Later. IV c. Firmiter". Firmiter actually refers to the first Latin word of Canon 1 of the 1215 Lateran Council IV document in Latin: Firmiter credimus et simpliciter confitemur quod unus solus est verus Deus æternus et immensus omnipotens ...


The Principles of Catholic Apologetics by Fr. T. J. Walshe God: His Existence and His Nature: A Thomistic Solution of Certain Agnostic Antinomies by Réginald Garrigou-Lagrange, O.P.


I'll just add two of my favorite books on Catholic Apologetics and set this as a Community Wiki so everyone can chime in. Everlasting Man by G.K. Chesterton This is the the book that inspired C.S. Lewis to see Christianity as something that might be worth looking into. It's an apologetic in that it's an answer to H.G. Wells' outline of history. 50 ...

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