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How does one know if God is calling him to be a priest? All that D.J. Clayworth has posted in his answer is correct, yet it is somewhat incomplete. Having been in a seminary for a number of years myself, I can say that the time in the seminary itself is simply a time of discernment for both the the individual and the Church. The vocation to the priesthood is ...


The Council of Trent, session 23 on Holy Orders, can. 1 calls the ministerial priesthood (≠ universal/common priesthood or priesthood of the faithful) in the New Testament a visible and external priesthood (sacerdotium visibile et externum) Pope Pius XII, in Mediator Dei §83, calls it a hierarchical priesthood (hierarchicum sacerdotium)


What are the origins that lead Pope St. Pius X in 1906 to approve the prayer invocation: “Mary Virgin Priest, pray for us”? Prior to Pope Pius X’s approval to this invocation, Blessed Pope Pius IX had manifested his approval of the same title in a letter addressed to Msgr Oswald Van den Berghe, author of Marie et le Sacerdoce. Marked by the priestly piety ...


Why did Pope Francis raise the minimum age for being granted 'Monsignor' from 35 to 65 years? 1.) Why did Pope Francis raise that minimum age from 35 to 65 years? 2.) Did Pope Francis revoke that title to priests who have been granted before that new rule and who are, at that date, less than 65 years old? For the first question, Pope Francis raised the ...

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