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Can a non virgin have a church wedding?

Can a non virgin have a church wedding? The short answer is yes. Although virginity before marriage is highly recommended and it is encouraged by the Scriptures, it is not an absolute necessity. Even ...
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Does Pentecostalism teach that everyone should pray in tongues?

The Foursquare denomination had updated their position years back, around the time Jack Hayford was it’s President, that it was no longer considered a necessary component of being considered Spirit-...
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According to Pentecostalism/Charismatics, how does God manifest and interact with Christians?

Under the section ‘Beliefs’ this article explains how Pentecostals view having an experience of God comes through baptism with the Holy Spirit. Part of the article says this: Baptism with the Holy ...
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Can a non virgin have a church wedding?

This is such a great Question. I'm Pentecostal and so are our kids. Anyways my kid Fornicated and they have a kid on the way. We told them to get married because it was the right thing to do. We ...
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Can a non virgin have a church wedding?

As the answers show, there are (small) differences between denominations. I have met people, Christians, most definitely not Catholics, who were convinced that by having intercourse, you are married. ...
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Can the Pentecostal/Charismatic belief in "territorial spirits" and "Strategic-Level Spiritual Warfare" be traced back to prior sources?

A biblical basis for "territorial spirits" and the practice of "Strategic-Level Spiritual Warfare" can be gleaned from the Book of Daniel. In chapter 10 the prophet receives a ...
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