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Œuvres (vol. 1): Controverses, p. CXL, cites it as: Sanders Nicolas, professeur de théologie à Louvain[professor of theology at Leuven] (1527-1583).     De visibili monarchi Ecclesiae libri octo[On the Visible Monarchy in Eight Books], Lovanii, 1571 There doesn't appear to be an English translation.


The answer to your question is Mgr. Guido Marini. Unfortunately, he is not a Cardinal or even a Bishop. Mgr. Guido Marini is the Papal Master of Ceremonies also known as the Master of Pontifical Liturgical Celebrations. The title was once known as the Priest Assistant in the days of old. Guido Marini (born 31 January 1965) is an Italian priest of the ...


Does Total Consecration to Mary imply a supernatural wisdom? The answer is Yes. One excellent example is St.John the beloved Apostle. Among the writers of the gospel, only St.John exemplifies a mystical narration of who Jesus is. The other gospel writers simply narrates what they witness and heard, but St.John transcends it.St.John the beloved Apostle ...


Does Total Consecration to Mary imply a supernatural wisdom? Generally speaking I believe it does imply a supernatural wisdom coming from God. The Total Consecration to Mary of Pope St. John Paul II is based on the works of St. Louis de Montfort, notably True Devotion to Mary, which he often mentioned in various talks and communications. St. Louis de ...

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