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In my church, I can imagine an answer to this being that Mary's genealogy can't be terribly significant for the simple reason that there's no place in the Bible that points it out or emphasises it. In his letters, Paul goes into considerable detail to lay out the doctrine of justification by faith. Not once does he make reference to Mary's lineage. Hebrews ...


In my church we interpret the Jeremiah reference to mean that the royal line of David will cease to rule any physical kingdom of this world. This has been fulfilled; no descendant of David now rules as a king in the geographical region known then as Judah. Jesus' kingdom is not of this world (He said so to Pilate), and so the passage does not prohibit Him ...


This text is being ignored in context. This has nothing to do with Jesus. The verse simply shows the contrast between deity and sinful humanity. The words "son of man" isn't a reference to Christ.

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