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How is the 'New Perspective on Paul' different from Catholicism with respect to good works?

The notion of "good works" comes up multiple times in the New Testament, so I'll limit my answer to the meaning of "works of the law" in Paul's epistles, particularly Galatians. The NPP soteriological ...
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What is the “New Perspective on Paul” and is it biblical according to Reformed Protestants?

I am not an expert on NT Wright but I scanned one of his chapters on Justification purely out the interest that your question has aroused. I am Reformed in my view. All quotes are from NT Wright's ...
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The New Perspective on Paul and the Christ Followers Self Understanding

First, thank you very much for posing the questions so well. I am also in the process of re-interpreting the letters of Paul in light of NPP for my own personal theology and spiritual application. ...
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