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Martin Luther on the salvation of Christian Soldiers?

The quote provided by the OP shows where the author (Schilling) makes his own comments / conclusions / assumptions, and the inverted commas show the actual words of Luther. There is some alarming ...
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Who won the Leipzig Debate between Martin Luther and Johann Eck?

I will give a Lutheran perspective. An online source, from this perspective for the debate can be found here. The highlighted quotes that are brought out in this response comes from that online source....
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Martin Luther on the salvation of Christian Soldiers?

As to the question, "where is the source", Nigel J has given an apt answer. As to the other question, "any other place", please allow the following as an answer. If one would like to know Luther's ...
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Would "Diet of Worms" seem strange to English-Speakers at the time?

People who are aware of the Latin origin of the political terminology "Diet" (from the Latin dieta to mean formal deliberative assembly), especially in Germany where the first thing that ...
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