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Did Justin Martyr and Marcion of Sinope have any contact with one another?

Joseph B. Tyson (Marcion and Luke-Acts, page 24) says that almost everything we know about Marcion comes from polemics written by heresiologists in the second to fourth centuries, particularly ...
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Are there any surviving writings by Marcion or is everything we know of him what his enemies wrote of him?

As is the case for most non-orthodox authors in the early church, none of Marcion's major writings survive, as the Encyclopedia of Ancient Christianity writes: Since his writings have been lost over ...
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If the premise for Marcion's Two Principles (Dualism) is correct; which words in the Bible belong to the Demiurge?

Short answer Both Marcion of Sinope and the Cathars discerned scriptures by examining the words of Jesus and Paul's epistles (the Cathars also used the larger canon that became the New Testament) and ...
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Is there a Christian sect that believes only The New Testament and only Christ is God and The Whole Trinity exists in Him?

I have heard of a denomination that believes only the four gospel accounts in the New Testament, but cannot find the source. I am unaware of any denomination that believes in only the New Testament. ...
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