In Christian theology, God is thought of as expressing His will in more than one way. This article goes into some of those categories from a Reformed perspective: https://www.monergism.com/discerning-god%E2%80%99s-will-three-wills-god By quoting Augustine, the previous article draws on Roman Catholic sources, and by quoting John Calvin, the Reformed ...


The Lord's prayer as our daily statement of purpose and petition for support My faith tells me that everything happens according to the Lord's will anyway, so why pray asking for this to happen if I believe that this is the only thing that can ever happen in any circumstances anyway? I know you didn't mean it, but your statement implies fate / destiny, as ...


It's not a matter of us asking for the lord's will but, rather acknowledging him and that his will and not our own be done. In this prayer, we glorify the father and in doing so the father glorifies the son who is in the father, as the prayer itself is provided by the son, through the holy spirit.

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