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When are lay men and women permitted to proclaim the Gospel in a Catholic church? Your question has to be answered in three parts and must be answered with a sober yes; but the yes can be only permitted in or by a case of grave necessity. The ordinary ministers of the Eucharist are the bishop and the priests of the diocese or religious house. The ordinary ...


One such organization is Orientale Lumen. As stated on their web site here: Started in 1997 in Washington, DC, these ecumenical conferences are a "grass roots" movement among lay persons and clergy to provide a forum for Christians to learn about the "light from the east." They allow Eastern Orthodox, Eastern Catholics and Roman Catholics to meet and ...


First, I strongly recommend you read this article, which addresses this common concern among young Catholics. Addressing your specific question: Of course we can answer these questions! Any time anyone is in need of help we are, in fact, called to provide that assistance if we are capable. This is a fundamental part of Christian charity. Furthermore, ...


For the Divine Office in the Poor Clare monasteries the Gospel may be read at the Office of Readings by the Abbess, when no priest is present.

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