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Have any Protestant leaders in Korea expressly supported the destruction of Buddhist statues?

It is hard to believe that more than a small minority of Korean Christian clergy would provide any support or encouragement for acts of vandalism against the sacred objects of another religion. ...
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What are the receptions of Olivet Assembly in these countries?

Tim, I don’t know why you are asking people to dig into obscure religious denominations in South Korea and in China. This is part of what I found when I started to research into the World Olivet ...
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In Korean Protestantism, what is the position of Kwonsa?

From Buddhist and Protestant Korean Immigrants: Religious Beliefs and Socioeconomic Aspects of Life by Okyun Kwon (LFP Scholarly Publishing LLC, New York 2003): Congregational Structure & ...
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Why did the Presbyterian Church of Korea split in 1959?

I realise you asked this question five years ago, and an answer may no longer be needed, but I was curious, so here is a summary of what I found, starting with an introduction: The Presbyterian ...
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