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What was the significance of thirty pieces of silver Judas was offered for betraying Jesus?

A value from a novice. 30 pcs. compared could not be equivalated to modern times less time of 2000 years ago tho maybe land field value, but Lordly specifies an insulting amount. I would like to add ...
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How is Moses' and Jesus' contradictory teaching regarding oaths reconciled?

It will be interesting to consider answering this question from other verses relating to Jesus teaching "differently" to what Moses taught. He said to them, “Because your hearts were hard ...
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What did Jesus mean by "many" beneficiaries of His ensuing bloodshed?

What did Jesus mean when he reportedly said the word “many” in MT 26:28? Two (2) extant and edited Koine (biblical) Greek papyri; spec., 𝔓45 (c. 200-224 CE), and 𝔓37 (c. 225-274 CE) show the ...
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