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In the Greek, it is much clearer that Jesus was not only referring to spiritual rewards. A literal translation of the Greek makes it sound very material: And all who left houses, or brothers, or sisters, or a father, or a mother, or children, or property because of my name, will get many times much more. He shall also acquire a perpetual living. See ...


If any of them were not, it wouldn't have been a controversy/new knowledge that God granted salvation unto the gentiles as well. (Acts 11:18)


Tradition holds that all 12 were Jewish, but the Bible affirms the Jewish heritage of many of them. Their names are: Thomas, Simon the Zealot, Philip, Simon Peter, Matthias, Matthew (aka Levi), Jude, Judas Iscariot, John, James (Son of Alpheus), James (Son of Zebedee), Bartholomew (aka Nathaniel), and Andrew. Nathaniel. Jesus labeled Nathaniel (also called ...

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