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Just a thought, Mary's mother also can be from the line of Levi. Making her both from Kingly and Priestly line. Well the Lord Jesus is both King and Priest isn't it.


We normally think of "parable" as referring to a fictional analogical story. But the Greek word παραβολή has a broader meaning than this. BDAG gives this definition: someth. that serves as a model or example pointing beyond itself for later realization, type, figure a narrative or saying of varying length, designed to illustrate a truth especially ...


Is Lazarus and the Rich Man a PARABLE? Viewing this final story as parabolic has certainly engendered much speculation. It has often been assumed that in this account Jesus set forth a composite picture, not only of the Pharisees, but also his self-righteous and outwardly pious brothers, the rich and powerful men in Israel at that time, especially the ...

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