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It appears to me, the supper of Lamb at the 2nd coming is for saved, at supper of god the rebellious are the supper


Below is a list of dates used by some Anti-Witness writes, claiming that Jehovah's Witnesses made false predictions. Many anti-Witness books and articles leave out a lot of pertinent information, and do not quote everything in context. I have responded to many posts calling Jehovah's Witnesses false prophets, even though that is not the case. A scholar, ...


St. Paul epistle in 1 Corinthian 7:29-31 is not saying about the end of the world is near rather he is saying that the time of man here on earth is short and temporary. That man should not be lured about the things that are in this world for everything on earth is temporary and passes away. Please see further explanations of bible commentaries on these bible ...


The Greek Fathers generally thought St. Paul was referring to the immanency of the General Judgment, and the Latins generally thought he was referring to one's particular judgment; these two senses are intended, with the immanency of the particular judgment being principal, according to Allo, O.P., Saint Paul: Première épître aux Corinthiens, p. 180, PDF p. ...

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