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No. One of the fathers I was listen said there are 2 ways only, monkhood and marriage. Virginity has a sense only in monkhood.


In short no. To become orthodox you must become orthodox. There is no half, mini, small, big, different kind etc. There is just othodox.


Interesting question, and answers as well. Actually, it is quite simple. The point of human life can be expressed as "learn how to not sin". If you learn, welcome to heaven. If not, we are sorry. Very basic but awesome help at the same time is a 10 Commandments of God. If you follow it 100%, you have a pretty good chance. His mercy is in true repentance ...


Do Catholics consider Catholic Church as a heresy of the Orthodox church? The short answer is no. Been a Catholic all my life and I have never heard or read about a practicing Catholic makes such a bizarre claim against the Catholic Church. In fact, no teaching from the Popes or the Teaching Magisterium of the Catholic Church has ever been forthcoming. ...


How does the revelation of Blessed Emmerich harmonize the teaching of Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy in Mary's Assumption? Before I begin, I will start with a caveat! The revelations of Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich are a treasure chest of information that can not be always verified or completely sanctioned by the Church. Because Blessed Catherine ...

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