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Are there Christian denominations that promote making themselves eunuchs?

While others have mentioned a literal interpretation, there have definitely been denominations that insisted on absolute celibacy for all, which can be interpreted as making oneself a symbolic or ...
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Articles of Faith amount

The Dutch reformed churches share the three "formulieren van eenigheid", the three "forms of unity". You can find them in English through wikipedia:
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Articles of Faith amount

Don't all denominations have some similar list of doctrinal positions? Does it need to be called "Articles of Faith"? If not, here are two more: Official Statement of Fundamental Beliefs | ...
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Why is there so much hostility from charismatic christians towards the catholic church?

The question illustrates something true in modern churches, a large lack of understanding. A lack of understanding of the protestant doctrines and a lack of understanding Catholic doctrines. We have a ...
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