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This may belong as a comment, but as I don't have sufficient reputation for that, I would like to point out that the Orthodox (see "other non-Catholic Christians") claim several incorrupt, post-Schism saints; see Wikipedia.


Inedia, according to the Catholic theologian Antonio Royo Marín, O.P. (Teología de la Perfección Cristiana p. 845), is the "ayuno absoluto durante un tiempo muy superior al que resisten las fuerzas naturales" ["absolute fast lasting much longer than natural forces can endure"], in which only Holy Communion is received. He continues (ibid. p. 846): ...


Yes, a priest can give a mass in American Sign Language (ASL) Fr. Edward McNamara wrote an extensive article for the organization ZENIT about the validity of sign language at mass, specifically using sign language during the consecration and not vocally pronouncing the words. Sign language is certainly permitted for the liturgy First, Fr. McNamara first ...

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