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Are Catholics literally God eaters?

Yes. There is no ambiguity here. Catholic Doctrine is simple and straightforward in its rites and rituals. Communion is Eating the Christ During Holy Communion one directly consumes the flesh of the ...
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Was Foot Washing a regular practice in early Christianity?

Was Foot Washing a regular practice in early Christianity? The short answer seems to be no! I am sure some Early Church Christian communities may have had some sort of foot washing ceremonies, but ...
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Does any Christian denomination use enough wine in the Eucharist that it could show on a breathalyzer test?

Personal communion cups are typically about 10mL, and many churches use port, which has an ABV of up to 20%. Using this calculator, for a 50kg woman, they'd have an immediate BAC of 0.0043%. This ...
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On the Eucharist and Human Digestion?

Unlike perishable food that sustains the body, Christ's body in the Eucharist cannot be broken down and assimilated because His glorified body is incapable of harm. As St. Thomas Aquinas writes (Summa ...
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Are Catholics literally God eaters?

I think Catholics are more precise than you are. I would rephrase it as "Catholics are literally Jesus eaters" understanding Jesus as the human nature of God, a temporal effect and visible ...
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